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Meet The Team


Monet Beltran


    From California,
Monet is a sold out lover of Jesus and follows Him with all her heart and soul. She lived a lifestyle of homosexuality the majority of her life and did not know Jesus. There is a fire shut up in her bones to reach the lost, lonely, and rejected children of God. Monet’s heart has been broken for the youth, the church, and for those struggling with homosexuality. 
Monet loves and has a passion to see the church walk in sonship, express agape love through family and release His Kingdom.


Abigail Callis


Logistics Coordinator 


   Born and raised in California,
Abigail moved with AIM TO LOVE to Florida in August of 2020.
She serves as a Logistics Coordinator and minister of the Gospel.
Abigail encountered the Lord in 2019 and began a journey of falling in love with Jesus ever since.    She feels called to make disciples of Jesus, and is honored to be a disciple herself as part of the AIM team. 


Meorah Callis


Intern Worship Leader


  Meorah grew up in a small town called North Fork, California.
After encountering the Lord at the age of 15, she has been on a journey of learning how to know the Lord and walk in freedom. The Lord has given her a zeal to see her generation come to repentance and be completely set free. On team, Meorah’s function is to make room for Jesus in every aspect of life. Currently interning as the team’s worship leader, she has been with AIM TO LOVE since December of 2021.


Jacqueline Vela


Intern Creative Team Lead


A small town girl from California, 
Jacqueline joined AIM in October, 2021, after she felt the Lord inviting her into the deep.
Although she grew up in church, thinking she knew the Lord, it wasn't until November of 2021 that she actually encountered Him while with the team.
Since then, she's been continually seeking the Lord, growing in intimacy with Him. 

She serves as a creative team lead for the ministry and is excited to see God continue to draw those who are hungry for Him.


Cori Heck


Intern Worship Pastor


From the Central Coast of California,
Cori has a passion for undignified worship, and seeing people come to a place of intimacy,
and complete freedom through Christ. 
She has currently been serving AIM TO LOVE for two years and is fulfilling her commitment for internship. 
She, like the disciples, has left everything behind to follow Jesus and counts it an honor and joy to do so.


Jacob Castañon 


Kingdom Laborer


Growing up in Lindsay, California,
Jacob has left simply everything to follow the Lord.
      His heart has been radically transformed and is in love with the Bridegroom Jesus.
Jacob is a bondservant of Jesus that loves and serves the body of Christ unconditionally because of the love, grace and mercy of God.
He has been serving the Lord in AIM TO LOVE as a Kingdom Laborer for over a year and a half.


Gabriel Correa


Intern Media Technician


    From the city of Tulare, California,
Gabriel has been on the team for a year now, helping with online design and the technical aspects of the ministry. 
He was saved from a life of false identity and depression, learning what his true meaning is in Christ. 
He also enjoys art. Whether it be puppets, art, or other mediums, Gabriel aspires to share life giving messages in all he makes.





Fur Baby Stanky

1 year old

From Califronia,
Jael was an answer to prayer for the team.
While the idea of a dog wasn't always welcomed,

she has brought deliverance to many members on the team.
She has helped us learn leadership, and she has been used by the Lord to break mindsets
that have been embedded in us.
She likes to have us scratch her, regardless if we're busy or not.


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